Care and cleaning instructions

Daily cleaning of your face shield and face mask is essential for continued protection


Care and cleaning instructions


  • Clean visor with a soapy water or alcohol based cleaner;
  • Only use soft cloth or kitchen roller towel;
  • Elastic head strap can be detached for washing separately;
  • Visor can be removed by unscrewing binding screws;
  • Take care not to lose male/female screws and tabs for attaching strap;
  • Never share your shield with other people;
  • Do not leave shield out in the sun for long periods of time;
  • Replacement parts can be ordered from


  • Your mask is folded: the outside of the mask should face outwards;
  • Three pleats = outwards, two pleats = inwards – never reverse mask;
  • Mark your mask with permanent pen to identify it as being yours;
  • You can even use fabric paint to decorate your mask;
  • Never share your mask with other people;
  • Wash your mask regularly – preferably daily or after each use;
  • Use a second mask while the first mask is being washed;
  • Do not touch mouth, nose or eyes when removing your mask;
  • Wash hands after removing your mask;
  • Wash in warm water either by hand or by machine;
  • Do not tumble dry;
  • Press with a hot iron to sterilise.


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